Legal advice regularly

Legal advice regularly

In 2017, the City’s Justice work closely follows the Ministry of Justice’s work program, closely linked to the socio-economic development tasks of the capital. The implementation of Civil Law basically meet the requirements of citizens, birth registration software is implemented synchronously.

nghe thuat cham soc khach hang hieu qua

Up to now, 100% of units have implemented many public services in the justice sector from commune to city level, contributing to promoting PAR, reducing time, costs and better serving the people. The rate of online banking transactions increased from 75% to 94%.
Law dissemination and education (PBGDPL) was well evaluated in accordance with the orientation of the city, focusing on propaganda under the theme: Year of the Administrative Regulations 2017; Regulations on urban order and civilization. To coordinate with the fire prevention police force to disseminate the fire prevention and fighting activities in various forms with special attention to the types of focal points such as tall buildings, event services …


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